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Dear new and old customers 

    Now China is in the best development era, the basic manufacturing industry also ushered in the best development opportunities! At the same time, we should also see that in the simple basic German processing industry, there are technological updates, the pace of technological change is gradually accelerating, and the demand for processing equipment precision and processing efficiency from all walks of life is constantly increasing, for the core parts of the product Quality Assurance Needs Higher and higher! We have worked in the field of fine teeth drilling and tapping for decades, in this decade, we continue to explore, continue to improve, continue to optimize the product structure, personnel structure. CAN GUESS THE PRESENT ACHIEVEMENT! 

 Let me give you some data: 

  1. In the processing scene below the M2 thread of the Chinese mainland, the drilling and tapping power head of Japan and Taiwan still occupies most of the market (about 75%) , and in private enterprises, joint ventures, we west Germany Germany's power head of tapping, and it's got a huge market.

   2. At present, the domestic power head manufacturers almost all adopt the way of retainer to process the very fine thread below m 2 thread. 

   3. For the demand of extremely fine hole, extremely fine tooth, with the continuous improvement of processing precision, the demand of this  kind of processing technology is also getting bigger and bigger, 

    continuous district to meet customer needs, in their own internal practice expert, outside practice solid bones and skins, unity, we will be so excellent products for customers to experience, to contrast, to let their recognition to enlarge some, so that we can make a difference from a very small area. Thank you again for your trust, because you believe in the motivation, we can close cooperation! Thank you! Dec 10th 2014 | from the print edition

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